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🎉 Introducing the Aerotime Newsletter

Check out the new newsletter and with this first post, learn what Aerotime accomplished this year.
🎉 Introducing the Aerotime Newsletter

Aerotime spent most of this year building a product, iterating with user feedback to solve for some of the following:

"These gaps between meetings eat up a lot of my time"
"I don't know where my time really goes"
"Blocking tasks on the calendar is hard to follow as a habit, it is even harder to maintain it"

Today, we launch Aerotime's Newsletter to talk about:

  • New feature launches in Aerotime: We'd love to explain our take on a specific problem and how we concluded to build it in a certain way.
  • Finding Flow: Thoughts and insights from Aerotime on productivity, prioritization, and mental models to find flow.

Here's a two-minute introduction to Aerotime for you; you can watch the video and stop reading here or go on to see how Aerotime streamlines your day.

So what does Aerotime do for my team?

In a nutshell, Aerotime recommends perfect time slots! For meetings, for tasks, and for focus blocks. We do this well by calculating a bunch of things like guest availability, your work preferences, time fragmentation, etc.

Let's take a few use cases:

[1] You're meeting two guests and trying to find a time slot where everyone's available, without any major disruption.

Time slot recommendations by Aerotime
  • Aerotime will show you where you can place the meeting and explain why it makes sense.
  • Speed up the meeting creation workflow with more details like guest's working hours, time zone, out-of-office status, and others.

[2] You're trying to plan your week and schedule your priorities on the calendar

  • Just drag & drop the tasks on the calendar. We'll follow up if you miss them.
  • Create tasks from anywhere on your Mac with a global shortcut or directly from within Slack. Instant thought to action!
Aerotime Mac app's global shortcut to create a task from anywhere

[3] You want to focus, but constant notifications distract you

Aerotime's Slack status update and notification snooze

Work happens on Slack, and Aerotime has a deep integration with it:

  • Auto-snooze Slack notifications based on your configurations
  • Auto-status updates based on your privacy settings

We're just scratching the surface and would love for you to be part of a journey where Aerotime helps humans live in a flow state.