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⏪ Your calendar Rewind. 2022.

⏪ Your calendar Rewind. 2022.

As we come to a year-end, Aerotime brings you a full calendar year Rewind.

A year is a long time, and it is easy to forget how much work you got done. You met a lot of folks and discussed a lot of topics; some things went well, and some not so much.

Aerotime summarizes the year with beautiful graphs, hoping you will find some insights that will put a smile on your face and some that will help you reflect and think.

Rewind is already ready for you. Just click below to view.

What's covered in Aerotime Rewind?

People you met

With you at the center, visualize the degree of closeness with people you met based on how much time you spent together.

Your people graph

Your unique meeting DNA

Number of meetings, top recurring meetings, and the space between them – they all contribute to a unique footprint that we call your meeting DNA.

Meeting analytics and unique meeting DNA

Focus time and topics you prioritized

  • Visualize how much focus time (or deep work) you had this year
  • Understand the key topics you focused on and how they changed with time
Topics over time and deep work analytics

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