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Introducing Calendar Glance and upgraded meeting notifications!

We open calendars frequently, and if we also manage tasks on the calendar, then probably the most opened app after chat is our calendar.

Introducing Calendar Glance

Aerotime has made it easy to quickly view what’s upcoming on your calendar with a small calendar that sits on your Mac’s menu bar. We call it the glance menu.

Click on Aerotime’s logo (in Apple's top menu bar) to see your day’s calendar; all your standard Aerotime shortcuts (like left-right arrow keys) also work in this glanceable view. And yes, it supports dark mode.

Over time you’ll see a bunch of things will get added here, and we’d love your feedback (hello@aerotime.com) on what you’d want us to put there.

Meeting Notifications

Aerotime’s meeting notifications come a few seconds before the meeting start time and enable you to join it with one click.

You can also message guests with two clicks. The best part is that Aerotime can send messages over Slack or email based on where the read rate will be highest, as this is a time-sensitive message.

Calendar Quick View and Meeting Notifications are only available on Aerotime's Mac application.